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“Seasonal Team Tour” Kansas City ChiefThe emirate ends the regular season with the same record of 12 wins and 4 last year, and the finals of the season, a wave of six consecutive victories, with the United States III seed, and also won the home advantage and the first round for them. Telback chance. Last year, the chief fell at the feet of the patriot last year, and this year happened that the patriot was sent out in the last week of the regular season.

After transforming the team in his career, Füls finally found a stable vendor, and he would become a key member in the Texas offensive group. Texas also ensured that Filbiene, which has been stable, can continue to work for them.

Last season, Füls completed the 34th battles in his career, got 341 yards 7 times. 7 times ranked third in all proximal edges of the Alliance. He is almost difficult to block in front of the end zone, and he also stabilizes in terms of open cover.

cheap nfl Jerseys from china TV network reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Texas has agreed to Direct Darren – Fils for 2 years. The contract is worth 7 million, 2020 salary reached 4 million US dollars. In addition, Texas also renewed for 4 years in Texas also with kicker cards (ka & # 39; imi fairbairn).

Although Mahmus missed three games because of injuries, he still completed 4031 code balls and 26 pass reached, although it could not be 50 reached 50% of the 5,000 yards from last season. The magical performance is compared, but the past three seasons have passed more than 4,000 yards in the first three seasons, and there are also a few people in the history of the league. At the same time, 26 passes of the game reached 5 times this season, and there is still stronger last year. 50 passed to 12 times were copied 12 times. The first season of MVP is also the popular candidate of MVP, but with the impact of the injury and the rise of Ramar Jackson, Mahmus seems to have no intentional MVP dispute, as if he said, “all teams are working hard. I have to win, and sometimes the winning is between the moment, so as long as I win, I will win, I don’t have to pursue the perfection of the data. “

Dolphin’s first round of Xiu Diense performance is not good to lose the first positionMiami Dolphin is very happy to see the offensive cuta. Laremy Tunsil slide to their selection to the 13th position of their first, but the Dolphins already have Brandon – Albert (Branden) Albert) and Ja & Rsquo; Wuan James served as the starting offensive cut off. So they decided to let Todière’s inside offensive front lines, where he is considered to be able to win the first left front position from Dallas Thomas.

But Engelram said that he has resumed healthy and can play. “I feel great. I have spent a very lucky break. I have been trying to rehabilitate and return,” he said. “Now, I will start and try my best to do everything, and train together with the trainer.”

“We are now in NFL,” Tang Sier said. “The highest level of competition. Everyone will be a good player. You have to work hard to make yourself better than everyone. You have to be better than everyone.”

Tang Die’s training will continue after the dolphins start training. But he needs to keep in mind: Thomas will work hard to train. And he may have a fight to train more effort because he saw the opportunity to cross the first round on the bench.

The relationship between Ratvis Murray and the raid is coming to the endLast season, Auckland raids have a significant results in their ground attack, including Latavius ​​Murray, Jalen Richard and Dondel – Washington Deandre Washington’s credit.

However, if you don’t continue to be Murray, the team will have something to eat on the body of the running guard. Whether it is Richard or Washington, it is a smaller running guard, and Murray is greater, which will help The team’s 1 code line tactics, relying on the body advantage in Murray to complete 12 1 yard lines of mushrooms.

Therefore, the current priority for Engelram is healthy and again learns new offensive tactics, rather than striving for new contracts for themselves. If he can maintain health and adapt to the new offensive system, then get a new contract is also the result of success.

Giants near-end Front Enshan – Engelram: Currently, it is not concerned about renewal issuesIn a break in the epidemic interference, there are many New York giants that ushered in the new coaching group to learn digestion.

Nfl official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Brown plans to sign with the Auckland raid according to the informed people, and the contract was 66 million US dollars, including $ 36.75 million full guarantee income. The two sides have reached a consensus, and the details of the contract remain to be improved. It is expected that Brown will officially join the raid when the free player’s signing period officially begins.

In 2017, Engelra, selected Engelram in a rookie, showing the ability to change the competition in the rookie season, and his data made him potential to become a leader of the league. At the rookie season, he completed 64 battles to get 722 yards 6 times.

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