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The sea eagle’s right cut is unclear, and the center is expected to appear.The Seattle Sea Eagle is the most fascinating player who is most fascinated by the team and the fans. It is a new show, right, Justin Brit,. He participated in the number of offensive files in the prior team with a rookie, but he was troubled by the knee injury. Pete Carroll revealed that it would decide whether to arrange Brit on the game before the game.

The player is absent from this stage of training without a big strange. The first phase of the rest training only includes physical fitness and physical conditions. Some players are more willing to train with their own trainers. However, Kovlin, known in the iron-crafted style, is not surprising to all players.

The good news is that the Hawks will list the Max Unger as “possible” after training on Friday. This means that the leader players on the offensive frontline will be expected to play this week. According to the data, the ground offensive efficiency of the Hawks in Econman is much higher than that of his devention. To enter a super bowl, 1500Stories.net the Hawks need to take advantage of the ground attack. And Ang’s appearance is the foundation of this advantage.

Brokers with free agent running back Devon Tower – Freeman ended partnershipAs a free agent running back Devon Tower – Freeman (Devonta Freeman) faces an uncertain future in the NFL, and now he has encountered new problems.

Spirman has played an effective force for the lion, four times selection of occupational bowl, in 1991, the best lineup was selected. After retiring, Spirman has worked as an explanation in Fox and ESPN.

Carol said: “He only participated in very little basic training on Friday. Now we are not sure that he will return to what level. We can only wait until the start of the game, I will decide again, I hope he can catch up with the game. At the same time, Alvin Bailey compiled many files with the starting lineup in training.

Harry added: “His speed is what we value, we need to keep him patience and wait for him to continue to grow. We have developed the corresponding plan to help him continue to make progress.” Levian – Bell (Le & RSquo; Veon Bell) is one of the best running guards last season. The steel man does not want to continue to increase his workload. If Archer can grow like a steel man, the team’s attack will become more and more increasing, and it is inclined to stop.

Couple Tracker, Vice President, Cauffein, is absent-term trainingBeijing April 19th, the person who was in the Jacksonville American Tiger was disappointed with some players who were absent from volunteering training.

As a new year of the second grade, Baileybed five games, three of whom were used as the left front, 2 times as the left trial. Although he did not appear as the right to appear, the team was planned to arrange him in the case of Britt could not play. On the other hand, Safety Weijun – Jeron Johnson will ablate all the training again after participating.

NFL television reporter Mike – Silverstone (Mike Silver) reported that Freeman’s agent Christian – Campbell (Kristin Campbell) has been told that he would terminate their partnership. Campbell and Freeman in 2017 to help the Atlanta Falcons signed a five-year $ 41.25 million contract extension, so he was the league’s highest-paid running back.

Harry said: “We have arranged corresponding tactics for Acr, he will get more opportunities in next season, and each game will get 5 to 6 touch opportunities.” This 5-foot 8-inch running guard is in herself The rookie season just completed 10 shots and won 40 yards. In addition, he received a pass between 7 times and pushed 23 yards.

Falcons after being laid off nearly four months, the 28-year-old Freeman is still one running back selected in the free agent market most attention. The end of May, and he was close to the Seattle Seahawks signed, but negotiations broke down at the last moment. Silverstone was reported that Freeman thinks he’s worth more than the Seahawks out of the one-year $ 4 million contract.

Message: Before the small horses take over Wayne is negotiating with patriots According to FOX sports news, the external hand of the old Indianapolis horses, REGGIE WAYNE, visited New England patriots in the US Sunday and is ready to accept the medical examination.

Tuesday, the official announced in the US Tuesday, the front team line Kiet Spielman will join the management, as Chair, President and CEO of the special assistant. Spirman will become the direct assistant of Rod Wood, and will attend when the general manager of the team interview and the head of the head.

The 14-year-old old career will completed 15 games in Pony last season, complete 63 battles to advance 779 yards, and 2 reachables. Wayne currently maintains the second data of the horses history, including 1,070 battles, promoting 14,345 yards, and 80 reachaes.

Silverstone was also reported that Freeman insists that if you can not get a contract favorite willing truce year. Tampa Bay Buccaneers have expressed interest in June, which makes Freeman said they can contact him directly on Twitter. Of course, the news is not any subsequent progress.

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