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Given that the two cannot be trained during the break, the training camp may still be affected by the epidemic, the Montan and Newton’s tacit will be critical. If you can stay healthy, Newton should be the most likely candidate of the patriots.

Black Leopard defensive guard coach resignedOn Friday, the Carolina Black Panther announced that after an inappropriate behavior is under investigation, the defensive guard coach Kutis-Fuller is resigned.

Black panther spokesman Steven Drummond said: “After exchange with Farler’s coaches, we accepted his resignation. The Fuller coach has been investigated because of inappropriate behavior. Black Leopard will strive to create a safe, comfortable, inclusive work environment, and strive to give all gender, race, skin, religion, and sexual orientation. “

The player will not finally determine the reduction season.On Wednesday, the US time is reported according to NFL NetWork reporters, although the previous news claimed that the alliance has been determined to reduce the quarter to two, the play worker will not finally sign.

Pedon said: “I think some of the prisoners in the competition hurt us. I have been treated unfair to today’s penalties. When the game is close to the end, we have been treated unfairly. The referee can’t change the criteria during the critical stage of the game “We can’t determine which of Pelton refers to the punishment, but through the study of the competition, we did discover a few words worth repeatedly scrutinized.

“We will let two players rest this week, that is, Alex-Mike and Hario, let them get better after we arrive at Houston,” Quin said. “This is the goal of we give them two people. This is our plan. They will be able to play. But in addition to these two people, we can participate in the training today.”

But the game itself increases contact and infects new crown viruses, and the preseason has no effect on the actual ranking. In addition, some players are only 23 days after the first registration, only 23 days can be used to prepare the first preseason.

Saint-head coach Pedon is dissatisfied with the refereeThis week, the New Orleans Saint Saint Pen Payton was obviously dissatisfied with some of the fails in the game of 23-24. Saint Payton. In the game, Pedon complained many times to the referee Terry Mcaulay and arguing some suspected fouls. At the press conference after the game, Pelton also expressed his views.

The training camp will be opened at 7.28, which is the first time after long-distance virtual training, Cheap jerseys from china the clubs have been first gathered in the team facility. Reduced but do not cancel the season, it is also considered for a longer mill.

Earlier in Section 4, Drew Brees was violated at once, and the referee refused to make a penalty for this. This also caused the saints to attack at any ball. In the second section, the Saint-Kok Brain Dixon was sentenced to 31 yards of interference, directly sent to the lion shooting opportunity. In the third quarter, the outer hand Markos Coston completed a long-distance 3-speed conversion, but was sentenced to the offensive player interfered with the ball. This game, the saints were sentenced to 134 yards in 12 times, and the opponent was only sentenced to 9 times, the total 71 yards were included.

At 2 minutes and 17 seconds left in the game, the lions attempt to complete 4 gear conversions through a pass attack. Running Villa Bush (REGGIE BUSH) was not completed, but the referee identified the defenders of the Saint interfere with this attack. It is here that the dispute is sentenced to the lion to raise new students, and eventually they also successfully reverse the score.

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