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But Murray has no intention to erase Piteson’s imprint in Viking. “I never thought about wearing or demanding jersey. I respect the AP, respecting his achievements and the meaning of the team,” I watched the Murre, who was worn on the 28th jersey at the raid.

The strength of the Eagle Defensive Group is unquestionable, especially the performance of the handsome is the top level of the league. However, this season’s defensive second-line performance is not satisfactory. In the face of the more old Dru-Bris, and the Saint Talent, the performance of the eagle defensive defender will determine whether the team has no capital to the Saint.

Viking people announced that they have already signed this front Auckland raid running guard on Wednesday night. Murray completed 195 shots last season to achieve 788 yards and 12 times of recent career. This contract is 3 years and is worth approximately $ 15 million.

In other words, he will become a good supplement to Jimmy Graham, replacing the latter when the shock attack is attacked. But at the same time, he will also become a suitable pass target in the Red Area.

Nick Sirianni will judge how much new knowledge is absorbed by the written test. Hiriani believes that only this can see the degree of understanding of the players, and promote learning through competition.

Last Saitang played 4 games for Minnesota, he said that his body has no longer supported the will of the competition. Lang live many times in the career, the knee cross ligament torn, which destroyed his excellent career. Since 2013, he has not exceeded 10 times in his single season.

“I think this can give them to learn power,” Hiriani said, “even exceeds the level of their usual efforts. They all have self-esteem, I hope to give the correct answer, it is better in front of the same life. This is what they can pass The reason to enter NFL. I used this way before, I feel that it is not bad. “

Lang in the past four seasons in the past four seasons, they were selected for cheap jerseys From china professional bowls and were selected for a while in 2010. He also took advantage of Miami dolphins, St. Louis ram and Atlantan.

White is the first round of the first round of the bear team in 2015, but the performance has never reached such a height. After missed the rookie in response to a strong fracture, Wait was played in 14 games after Well, only completed 25 batches, pushed 285 yards, no reached.

[Inlay Hotline] National Conference Partial Wheel: Philadelphia Eagle @ 新 奥 良 圣 (Wen Dong Welfare continues!)The partition rolling officer war, the new Orleans Saint, the highest, the highest voice, will meet the magical promotion of Philadelphia eagle at home.

Pony will conduct a written test assessment of offensive group playersThis year’s break, the pony players need to adapt to the new offensive system. In order to help players faster, more thorough understanding of new attacks, Pony will help players to learn.

Although the fans who are concerned with the competition will only think that Lang is a glass, it is easy to forget how talent in the past four seasons before his career. It was thought that it was considered to be able to take a bad dolphin attack front line for 10 years. He continuously surged more than 60 consecutively before entering the injury report in 2011.

49 people signed the first round of the first round of Xiujiaking Kevin-White US time on Thursday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, San Francisco 49 people signed the front first round of Shiji, Kevin White, contract period for one year.

Download NFL Rugby APP (Download Link Please poke me), leave a message below this news, predict the winning and negative of the game (Example: Saint Winning), the quiz event is deadline before the start of the game.

In February, the Viking of Adrian Peterson was previously column-ranked first. The countdown of the column countdown (75.3 yard). Murray averaged 4.0 yards per shine last season, and the number of career scorpion codes reached 2278 yards.

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