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According to the Associated Press, an legal executive official said he sent a video of Rice to the Alliance Manager in April. However, the Alliance claims that “we don’t know the existence of this video on Wednesday. In this video, we didn’t know anyone in the Alliance office on Monday. We will investigate this matter.”

The current labor agreement will expire in March 2021. At present, the team owners and players will wish to complete the negotiations during this season. The team boss hopes to reach a consistency, then you can put the center of gravity into the negotiation of the transfer, and the player hopes to sign the new agreement so they can choose new leaders in March next year.

Jet coach: I hope to alleviate the workload of Run Weidane – BellNew York jet is looking for another running guard. This is not to replace Rewei Ang – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell), but find a partner for him.

“Di Bo is really working hard,” Lin Qi said. “This is the advantage of this child. He has a good wish. He is a very good player. We will let him rest at the beginning of the season? Yes. It can be said that he will launch a few games in the season.”

Previously, the eagle has implemented the fifth year of Wenz Rookie Contract. However, Howie Roseman, the team executive vice president, although Wenz has been reimbursed in the injury season for two consecutive years, but he will not have any hesitation in renewal.

In the consultations in two weeks ago, the team boss submitted two different solutions. In two scenarios, the players are more divided into relatively less divided but restricting the team to incorporate alliance revenue for stadium capacity. However, in the proportion of income distribution in the two programs did not reach the extent to which the player is willing to increase the routine stadium.

Eagle and quadruptions of Kakanson – Wenz signed a contract for four years of $ 128 million contractBeijing June 7 hearing on Thursday US time, according to ESPN correspondent reports, has been with the Eagles quarterback Carson – signed a new four-year contract, salary $ 128 million Wentz (Carson Wentz), including over 1.07 Billion US dollar guarantee. After all incentive clauses, the salary can reach approximately 144 million US dollars. Plus his rookie contract’s remainder, Wenz is currently 6 years, with a total salary of $ 154 million.

At present, the Bell’s scorpion code is only 3.3, and his career is 4.3, which is related to the disappointing offensive front line of the jet. Bell’s ball pushed 425 yards, but only completed once. He has a total of 4 times this season.

Bell said: “I didn’t think about what I didn’t think of 16-0 when I signed a contract. I know this is a process, our quarter guards are very young, the offensive coordinator, the main coach is just here. This and basketball Different, one or two people can’t change the global. “

Such a schedule will lead to the game that Samuel can’t come out of the season, but he doesn’t look like this. He said that he expected to return after 10 weeks, which would let him have the chance to win the battle.

The NFL player will be willing to discuss with the team boss to increase the regular season to 17According to informed people, Cheap nfl jerseys players have shown that they are willing to discuss the idea of ​​increasing regular competitions to 17 when discussing the new labor agreement, premise is that the discussion of the new agreement is a significant increase in the distribution of the players on the income of the league.

FBI predecessor will lead Rice home violent incident independent investigationNFL local time Wednesday night announced the foregoing Federal Investigation (FBI) Robert S. Mueller III to lead the leadership of the Alliance Tracing and dealing with Ray Rice’s business violence event affairs Work.

Informed people said that the team owners did not reach a consistent position at the team boss conference that was held in the front. Some team bosses are willing to meet the requirements of more high income of players in order to increase the routine stadium. Some team bosses prefer to maintain the proportion of their original income distribution.

In the consultations before two weeks ago, the distribution scheme proposed by the team boss did not receive the player. However, the Alliance contacted the players earlier this week. Both sides attempt plan to plan a formal consultation in the future.

“I don’t think we have some players that may help reduce (Bell) workload, so that we will not depend all on him,” the jet coach Adam-Gez (ADAM GASE) recently said. “I hope we can introduce some young running guards to make us can create excellent running guards. We can really have excellent scorpion attacks rather than feelings.”

“The former FBI, Robert-S-Mul II will lead the independent investigation of alliance tracing and the handling of the evidence of Ray-Rice home violent events. President Roger Gudel announced this news tonight. Muller The survey will receive the NFL team New York Giants John Mara (John Mara) and Pittsburgh Stebeston Art Rooney, the final report will open to the public. “

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