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Today, Magotanberg and his Titan team’s performance is very bad, lost nearly 30 points, Magotanberg 24 passed 14 times, pushing 125 yards and has been copied. At the same time, he still had a ball in a killing, and this ball was taken and completed by the giant team Markus Kuhn.

Viking Kirk Cousins 28 passed the 253 yards of the 21st pass to the ball reached the ball, including the first 44 yards of the Wanfu Maria to reach. Near-end Fengkell Rudolf (Kyle Rudolph) 9 times a ball 122 yards 2 times a ball reachable.

[Event Review] Viking 27-9 reverses the lionViking people are unfavorable, and they have been connected to 3 years old by Lions. After 9 points, then gradually worked, 27-9 reversed the lion, and the quartet of the season.

And Santos’s career will start in the chief. Last season, he was effective for the Pirates of Los Angeles Rascar and Tampawan. 18 arbitrarily residents were completed 14 times (hit rate 77.8%), and the 23-year-old quadrant shot was completed 22 (hit rate 95.7%). Titan is a 5th team that has 5 years of Santos.

JJ Watt on Tuesday for surgery treatment of groinJJ-Wat (J.Watt), Houston Texas, did not rely on his own strength to help the team won the game, and the final team gave the Kansas chief with 0-130, the first round of the playoffs was eliminated.

In theory, the crow will usher in the wheel after the game, and they can let Fraco rest in this game to get more recovery time. But if he has returned to health, the current 4 wins and 4-losing crows can’t gamble, let Maetel continue to serve.

The crow quartz isas Flaco very likely to play the next game.Joe Flacco encountered a rough impact in the head in the game of Armeana dolphins, http://muuvr.com/__media__/js/netsoltrademark.php?d=T8B.803.Myftpupload.com%2Fauthor%2Fwilburbooke%2F but this old quarter-off will not absent for a long time.

Magotanberg right shoulder unfortunately injuredTennessee Titan Swan Zach, Zach Mettenberger, in today’s fourth quarter today, after the injury, when the giant team’s rookie line, Delwen – Kenath (Devon) Kennard had a collision from the blind test of Magotanberg.

After this, the lion is 5 wins and 10 losses, and the new handsome Matt Patricia as the first season of the main coach. Viking 8 wins and 6 losses 1 flat, the last round, if you overcome the co-friendly bear team, you can enter the playoffs, considering that the last round of the Xiong team will take some main players to save strength, so Vik The people ‘s wins are great.

In 2009, Sapapa, the Chief of the Chief of Kansas City, was Titan’s effective in the past five seasons. At last season, he had a 30-time arbitrary ball shoot to complete 26 times (hit rate 86.7%), and 31 sets of additional shooting door completed 28 (hit rate 90.3%).

The Baltimo Crow is the John Harbaugh, who said that Verco “did not” left the brain volatile symptom on Monday. He said: “I think he is very likely to play the next game.” The crow will be in the next game to Titani Titan.

8 wins and 2 losses of wild horses were last week of the four-point Weakock & Bull; Osweiler’s leadership finally stopped the battle of the two streaks. Although the wild horse is dangerous to win the bear, Osville’s play is a rapid, 250 yards of pass data and 2 pass to reach a good, and a number of teammates will praise it. This week Pedton & Bull; Manning continues to avoid the wag, Osville will continue to lead the wild horse. And the main plug-in Imanur & Bull; Sanders is likely to return out this week will become a good news of the wild horse offensive, one of the left-right arm of Manning, has been absent from the injury of ankles and fingers. If Sanders is repeated this week, he will assist another External Hand Maris & Bull; Thomas to assist Osville’s home victory. As the best defensive group of this season, although I have already taken 10 teleculations and 4 times back to reach, but recently expressing a strong man, this game is mainly engaged in Madamus & Bull; Wal continues due to Talking, by Feng & Bull; Miller, Azu & Bull; Talibabe, etc. will become the strongest weapon to defend the height.

Sunday night preview: patriot vs wild horseWith the fall of the Thanksgiving Wars, the remaining competition in the twelfth week is about to start. As a weekly night game, this week does not make fans disappointed. The new England Patriots in the season will challenge the wild horse to the Denver Plateau.

10 wins 0 negative new England patriots ushered in the biggest test of this season. All fans expecting people between Manning and Braddy perhaps the last regular final confrontation has declared the end of Manning’s injury. Tom & Bull; Braddy is still the strongest weapon of patrigoes, but the big area of ​​injury in the ball will make Braddy’s headache, Julian & Bull; Edrman has been absent because of the injury, and another old partner Dan Ni & Bull; Oman Dora also confirmed the battle of this focus due to lack of lack. Before the match, the wild horse defensive group Talibu once claimed that the team will use three people to focus on the mainstay of patriots, the number one killing Rob & Bull; Gronkovski, this also shows Gronkov. Sky’s horror, as of last week, the most terrible red area machine of this Alliance has taken 843 yards and 8 times, and almost all the proximal pendants related to the data, he has already entered the top six in the league. Such a terrible weapon will join Braddy to strive to attack the horseman plateau home.1 year ago

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